How to spray paint wooden furniture

How to get the best results

Every piece of wooden furniture deserves a smooth and special finish, which is why we cannot overemphasise the importance of knowing how to spray paint wood.

Painting with a brush causes paint to drop all over the furniture as well as can leave brush marks on the surface. This can give a very odd and unattractive look to your furniture – a big turn-off. Wood usually requires a few preparatory procedures before spray painting it, or else you won’t get that aesthetic feel.

Painting consultant, Edward Kimble, suggests that any wood that has a shellac or waxed polyurethane or lacquer finish will not let paint stay on the furniture without first removing the existing finish. This requires making use of the right chemicals that can remove wax and make the wooden furniture ‘accept’ the sprayed paint.

How to spray paint wooden furniture

Here are some tips to help you understand how to spray paint wood if you plan on going the DIY route:

  1. The first thing you need to understand is that spray painting is not for every furniture, especially upholstery furniture.

  2. Before painting any wooden furniture, you need to disassemble the furniture by removing and unscrewing the components. For instance, before spray painting drawers and cabinets, you need to remove all the handles and knobs first. Also, for desks or dressers, you must remove the drawers. The essence of removing the components is to spray paint all parts separately and then assemble them back together when they are dry.

  3. Cover all surrounding surface areas and objects before you start spray painting. This is to avoid paint settling on its surrounding area. Newspapers, masking tape and drop cloths are good examples of materials you can use to cover surrounding surface areas and objects.

  4. Another important thing is sanding the surface of your wooden furniture before spray painting. This is to get rid of all rough edges of the furniture and you’ll need sandpaper for this. Start with a rough sandpaper and then a finer one thereafter, if you want a very smooth texture. However, sanding may not be a good idea if you’re spray painting a painted wooden furniture. In this case, it’s important you know how to remove paint from wood without sanding, so you don’t end up removing the old finish from the furniture.

  5. After sanding, clean your wooden furniture to get rid of all sawdust. Make sure you don’t use water to clean it because it can penetrate and damage the wood. Make use of a soft piece of cloth instead. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean the surface. This is because the air compressor will blow off every trace of dust; surrounding dust usually settles on furniture while paint is still wet.

  6. Now, you need to get the appropriate spray paint along with a compatible primer. Knowing what spray paint is best for wood is very important because they come in many varieties. Nobody wants a spray paint that doesn’t give wooden furniture that shiny, attractive look. Therefore, it’s important to search for a leading spray paint manufacturer. As for the primer, you can get recommendations from the spray paint manufacturer.

  7. Before you begin spray painting your furniture, try practising it on a scrap object or cardboard first. This is particularly helpful for people who haven’t spray painted in a while or at all. You’ll get acquainted with the spray gun easily by doing this, making you understand how you’ll position yourself while spraying, and how fast (or slow) you need to move. All you need is just a few minutes of practice and perfecting the technique, then you’ll be ready to go.

  8. The next thing is to apply the primer to the wooden surface. Before painting, you need to apply one or two coats of primer on your wooden furniture. In doing this, you should spray light coats of the primer over the furniture. This is to give it a proper coverage. Once you’re done priming, then let it dry off. A smooth and glossy finish will be the overall result of this.

  9. Don’t spray paint in a windy or dusty environment. This is to prevent the accumulation of dust on the furniture while spray painting.

  10. Make sure that there is a reasonable distance between the paint can and the wooden furniture. This means that you shouldn’t spray too far or too close to the furniture. A distance of 10 inches is enough.

Spray painting wooden furniture isn’t too much of a demanding task, depending on how you look it. However, as long as you understand the basic techniques, know what spray paint is best for wood, use the right primer, and understand how to remove paint from wood without sanding, you’ll be good.

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