Spray painting kitchens

How to paint your kitchen cabinets and cupboards

Looking for an affordable way to update your existing kitchen? Having your cabinets professionally re-sprayed could be a good option. Although the job can be attempted yourself, it can be incredibly time-consuming.

Without using the right tools and techniques, it can result in a poor finish as well. We recommend using a professional kitchen cupboard sprayer. Our team has all the equipment needed for a flawless finish which is guaranteed for many years. We also use the best paints on the market which stand the test of time.

spray painting kitchen by professional painters

What kind of spray paint to use on kitchen cabinets?

If you’re only intending on painting a couple of kitchen cabinet fronts, look for a spray paint that is a ‘tough modified alkyd paint’. Be warned though, it won’t go far, and if you’re planning on painting your entire kitchen, you’re better using a spray gun and buying the paint separately to save money.

Regardless of the paint you choose, you will need to first prime your doors before painting them. Primer can be purchased as a spray can or in a tin. Most of the time, buying a tin of paint is better as there are more colours to choose from.

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Spray paint kitchen cabinets: how much does it cost?

As a rough guide, go on the basis of £30-£50 per door to be painted dependant on the type of door, size and condition. This usually comes to between £600 and £1000 in total. Still much cheaper than buying a brand new kitchen.

We will need to see how large your kitchen is and how many units you have in order to work out an accurate cost, this will include all trim, end panels, plinths and any other features of your kitchen. For a fraction of the price of a new kitchen, you can get a kitchen which could appear close to one. Plus, the work is covered by a guarantee.

Spray painting kitchen cabinets – DIY

Before any painting of your kitchen cabinets takes place, everything will need to be cleaned, prepared, sanded and primed (where required) You’ll then need to:

  • Move your cupboard and drawer fronts to a separate area as the job is messy.
  • Begin by giving each cupboard front a light spray of paint, a process that takes around one hour in total.
  • Then, leave it all to dry for four hours.
  • Once dry, give the doors another coat. Just be sure not to paint them too heavily as this will result in drip marks.
  • Leave all the cupboard fronts to fully dry for one day, then fix the hardware back onto them and re-mount in your kitchen.

Kitchen cupboard spray paint

ColourPro range of paints is the best choice when selecting a paint for your kitchen refinishing. ColourPro paints have been engineered with a high chemical resistance and a durable finish which gives a long lasting coating.

Suitable for laminate, melamine, veneer and solid wood kitchens without the need to prime. Hard wood or knotty doors will need to be primed first if a uniform and smooth finish is desired.

ColourPro is available in aerosol and spray paint versions for DIY application but we do offer a professional same day service for the best results.

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Best way to paint your kitchen (how to paint it, how to get it painted)

It’s possible to paint your kitchen cupboards yourself:

  1. Start by removing all your cupboard and drawer fronts, then remove all the fixings from them.
  2. Next, give your cabinet fronts a clean using sugar soap, and sand down fully.
  3. Fill any gaps with fibre filler, then give your cupboard door a coat of primer (if required)
  4. Once dried, give the entire cupboard front a light spray of paint, leaving it to dry for four hours.
  5. Repeat the process, then leave everything to dry for one day.
  6. Whilst this occurs, begin painting the carcasses in your kitchen.
  7. Then when dry, replace all your fronts.

For a better finish, you could have your kitchen units professionally sprayed. You’ll be guaranteed a factory flawless result which is guaranteed for years to come. We also offer ColourPro paint of the highest quality which dries much faster than what’s available elsewhere on the market.

Kitchen spray painting service

If you’re looking to breathe new life into your dull and outdated kitchen, there are few more effective ways than having the doors, drawers, trims, plinths and all the other items which make up your kitchen units professionally spray painted in the colour of your choice.

We will strip your kitchen doors and drawers and paint these in temperature-controlled room in our mobile spray booth, which the rest of the kitchen prepared and all areas not being painted, sealed and masked. When finished, you may be convinced you’ve had a brand new kitchen fitted!

We can spray virtually any kitchen cupboard material, including wood, plastic, veneer and MDF. All of our technicians are highly experienced and approved ColourPro paint applicators.


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