Spray painting uPVC: windows, doors (& how much it costs)

Choosing uPVC paint

There are many different types of paint available for covering plastics, including multi-surface paints. However, not all these are permanent coatings and suitable for the recolouring of uPVC and composite windows and doors.

The product mainly used by professionals is ColourPro, a low odour polyurethane paint which has been specifically engineered for uPVC and composite materials. With extensive testing competed, this range of paints has achieved an ISO rating to guarantee its bond strength and durability.

ColourPro paints are manufactured by Spray Group and available in virtually any colour, fast becoming the preferred paint for all professional application companies.

spray painting upvc conservatory windows and doors

Painted uPVC Doors & Windows: Before and After

Before the spraying of a white uPVC door, it can have a tired and worn appearance. Changing the colour of your uPVC door can give it a new lease of life. The entrance to your home makes a statement about you and receives daily use. So why settle for something dull or uninviting?

uPVC windows come in white as default. With time, however, many homeowners are keen to customise the look of their property. Having their windows sprayed professionally to any colour of their choosing can help make a house a home.

before and after upvc spraying door frame

Can You Paint uPVC Window Frames?

Yes, it is possible. We manufacture a range of paints for both DIY and professional use. With any project, proper preparation is vital to achieving the best finish. We recommend leaving this job to our professional spray painters as they will deliver the best results, and it won’t take them long to finish but we do provide full guides and instructional videos for all the DIY enthusiasts, with paints available in aerosol and brush-on formulas

uPVC windows are paintable using a range of finishes, including matte, satin and gloss. The finish comes with a guarantee against cracking, fading and peeling. Having uPVC windows painted improves the appearance of your home and can even make it easier to sell.

It’s also a great way to re-use existing material and avoid creating unnecessary waste! A great way to help our planet and avoid contributing to the throw-away culture.

How to Paint Plastic/uPVC Window Frames

To paint plastic window frames, you’ll need to trim any silicone away from the frame, clean the surfaces thoroughly then key all the plastic areas to be painted. After masking the glass and surrounding areas, use the ColourPro window preparation solution prior to applying the paint, one light coat and a further full coat of ColourPro paint will need to be applied.

Choosing Spray Paint for uPVC Windows

If you’re planning to spray your uPVC windows yourself, you’ll be able to buy spray paints from visit our trade counter or our online paint shop for this purpose.

If you opt to have your uPVC windows professionally painted, our experienced technicians will spray them. However, it is possible to purchase our brush on uPVC paints and do it yourself too. Hand painting a uPVC window using a brush ensures you get in all the crevices. However, it can leave brush marks and will not give the results a professionally spray painted service achieves.

Can You Paint uPVC Doors?

If your uPVC (or composite) door is old, having it painted can transform its appearance completely. It’s not difficult to do, and the final coating is highly durable. No one will realise it is a standard white uPVC door after being painted!

There’s just not better and cheaper way to change the look of your home by giving it a brand new finish.

How to get a uPVC Door spray painted

Spray painting a uPVC or composite door is a cost effective way to improve the look of your home with minimal fuss.

  1. Choose a colour from the extensive range available and set your date.
  2. The majority of doors have little or no damage, small scratches and minor cracks can be repaired but any major cracks will still remain, so it would be advisable to replace the inner panel prior to the service in this instance.
  3. On the day the technicians will remove all door furnishings the clean and prepare your door.
  4. The surrounding areas are masked then the paint is applied.
  5. The furnishings are refitted and all masking removed.
  6. The paint will take a couple of hours to cure, then the door can be fully closed.

How Much Does Spray Painting uPVC Windows Cost?

Expect to pay around £100 for each window you need spraying dependant on size and the number of openings, bay windows are normally the most expensive due to the number of individual panels but small windows can cost only £50.

There are discounts and offers always available if your home has a large number of windows and doors. Quotes are free and simple, please get in touch with us for a quote on your home.


  • Looking to get my windows patio and garage door sprayed if ok thanks Ailsa

    Ailsa Fenwick
  • Please can you advise if mahogany brown UPVC windows and doors can be sprayed a different colour.

    Many thanks

    Colleen Kidd
  • Hi guys I’m after 4 downstairs windows to be sprayed black please if you’re interested in the Worcestershire area

    Gary Wilson
  • Upvc spray paint 4 windows.
    3×2, 3×2, 2×2, 2×2. First floor flat. Rosewood colour. Outside only. RM8 1XE

  • Upvc spray paint 4 windows.
    3×2, 3×2, 2×2, 2×2. First floor flat. Rosewood colour. Outside only. RM8 1XE


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