Updating 1960s & 1970s House Exteriors: Makeover Ideas

The exterior appearance of any house might possibly be more important than the house’s interior. It’s the first thing visitors see from the outside, so first impression matters a lot. There are lots of things that can be done to improve on a home’s exterior, such as replacing the windows, doors, slides, etc.

However, when it comes to updating 1960s and 1970s house exteriors, how do you go about it? Some of these types of houses are already well-designed and feature window frames and door frames often made of uPVC plastic in the UK. (Which we are expert at repainting and renovating)

This makes house exteriors well-suited to be repainted and renovated. Why throw away and waste a perfectly good frame which only needs to be renovated to gain a second life?

But, how do you mix-match the colours? And is repainting the only thing to be done?

Read on for some ideas on how to give your old house a facelift.

1970s house renovation ideas and affordable repainting

Replace the windows and update the front door

Windows and doors (patio doors, storm doors, etc.), especially the front door act as passageways into the house. So, the style you choose will definitely affect the personality of your house.

There abound different types of windows and they all work differently. If you plan on maintaining the authentic style of your old home, the you’ll have to choose windows and doors for period properties. If, on the other hand, you want a contemporary update for your house, then metal framed doors and windows will work perfectly well.

You can choose to repaint the windows, and re-glaze the glass without actually replacing them. A good choice and a low-cost renovation option if the joineries are still intact. However, you may need a professional to help you mix-match the colours to bring out the best exterior look for your 1960s or 1970s home facelift.

About the front door, a quick and easy makeover option will be to repaint it. This will no doubt improve your home’s façade. But, what colours to choose for great aesthetic look? Here are some suggestions;

  • Black and grey - This makes your home look exclusive and anonymous at the same time.  A good option when trying to sell your house.
  • Teal – A vibrant colour for every season; whether summer or Christmas. Also appeals to most potential home buyers.
  • Yellowcake – A good counterpoint colour for most old homes.
  • Blue, purple or lilac – These three colours appeal to most visitors, as they offer great curb appeal to any property. However, you may want to choose blue over lilac or purple, as the last two can be really tricky to apply.

Some front door colours to avoid are green, bright pink, brown, and orange. Brown may work, but only for front doors made of natural wood.

updating 1960s house exterior makelift ideas

Add an extension and a porch for a great upgrade

Another good way to improve the exterior design of your house is to add an extension and a porch. Small changes like adding a bay window or a porch are not expensive, but they can add a lot of personality to the exterior of your house.

A single storey extension added to the side or front of your building may be all you need to balance the shape of your property. This will greatly improve the architectural style of your home. But you don’t have to bother about this if you don’t have the budget.

The porch also gives character to your frontage. In addition, it provides that extra storage space indoors. You should consider this if your front door opens right into the living room. While you’re at it, make sure the new porch matches the original architecture of the house.

If your home already has a porch, then all you need is a fresh coat of paint. Remember, the porch sets the tone for the rest of house. So, you need to choose colours that compliment your immediate environment, as well as your home exterior design.

Front-porch colour ideas for a great house makeover

  • Muted green – A great choice if your house is surrounded by beautiful greeneries.
  • Moody green – Somewhat gives your front porch a calming effect.
  • Off-whites – This can go with the exterior of any home, and it blends in nicely with the general house design.
  • Pale blue – You can use this colour to highlight the accents of the porch, if you don’t want to paint it entirely.
  • Silver greys – Enhances the architectural details of your porch, and matches with most colours.

These are just some renovation ideas to give your ‘60s or ‘70s’ home a complete facelift. But, don’t limit yourself to the above ideas. Let your imagination run wild, as there are many ways to improve the exterior design of your old home, especially when it comes to colour combinations.

Contact us to discuss any ideas to renovate your house exterior or receive an instant online quote here.

Good luck!

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