ISO Rated Paints

The only brand of paint with full ISO rating

ColourPro 2K uPVC paint is the only product available in the UK with a full ISO rating, which in short gives assurances the product has been tested to the highest standards available to determine its prime life expectancy.

There are many paints available for painting plastic and uPVC but none have the ISO ratings, which in the long term, will become a factor to the true longevity of the coatings.

Thoroughly tested paints

All paints will fail eventually, it is inevitable. But being able to provide assurances the paint has been thoroughly tested in laboratory conditions to a globally recognised level, is incredibly important.

All coatings suffer degradation over time, regardless of the exposure to which they are subjected. The irregularities which arise can be very varied, for example, blistering, cracking, flaking or peeling of the painted surface.

The assessment of the type and size of these defects must be made in the most universal way possible, so that a universal testing procedure can  effectively determine the properties of the coatings.

A badge for the highest quality paints

ISO 4628 was created for the purpose of enabling the assessment and quantification of the main defects that occur in coatings, such as:

  • Paints and varnishes
  • Evaluation of degradation of coatings
  • Designation of the quantity and size of the defects and intensity of uniform changes to appearance

The use of this standard must be the basis for defining the guarantees and expectations of durability of paint systems, in conjunction with reference to other standards, such as ISO 12944.

Testing includes essential data on the coating to surface bond strength through a standardised scratch test and the accelerated UV testing, to calculate the degradation due to sunlight.

Better resistance to extreme conditions

The tests also include extreme heat and cold on a repeated and accelerated cycle to simulate weather patterns and flexibility.

There are also additional testing for water submersion, flame retardancy and salt exposure which are not specific to plastic but its satisfying to know the depth of testing made.